Paul Sheridan

Paul Sheridan


  • Inferex: I'm working on the engineering team building a platform to automatically serve, scale, secure & monitor ML models.
  • Geowox: I worked on the data engineering team, where I built and maintained automated systems to fetch and process data to produce one-hour home valuations.
  • Reflex: I started a startup that allowed people to wager/gamble on video games like Dota 2 and CS: GO.


  • 🤝 handshake: handshake is an employee engagement platform for remote engineering teams. Run gamedays, hackathons and more.


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Areas of interest

Engineering support is terrible.

Engineering support is protracted, impersonal, and overly tiered. There is rarely any real-time support, developers to go through the gatekeeper that is the ticketing system.

Reducing barriers to entry in collaborative work
More people are communicating with and meeting via software
  • Low code for building online meeting applications
    1. Example use cases:

    2. Business Applications, visualise your standup alongside video (MIRO in-app, works natively across any site)
  • Is there a trend toward more inter-company communication?
    • Can developers share code in better ways?
  • Can you verify the person on the other end of a Zoom call is actually that person? Is this a problem?
    • Leverage FaceID/fingerprints to do this, and sell to corporates.
    • Identity verification for companies on important calls.
Make selling digital services online easier

Website designer for people selling online content/services.

Low code tool/retool with Excel?